Engraving Machine

VetScribe is a compact, instantaneous, self-contained computerized engraving system.  Simple to use and easy to maintain, you can even program it with clinic or shelter information for one-touch engraving.  Order 600 VetScribe tags at the time of the initial order, and we will provide the engraver for you to use at no cost for the period of one year.  We provide unlimited maintenance for normal wear-and-tear, along with technical support at no additional charge.  Call us toll free at 866-782-9220 to find out more!



Call 866-782-9220 for details on how to get a machine in your clinic or shelter free. 

Compact, self contained, computerized tag engraving system.  Fits easily on counters and desktops allowing you to create affordable, custom I.D. tags in minutes.  Create your own rabies tags with the touch of a button.


Height:  13″      Weight:  23 pounds

Depth:  13″       Power:  110 volts

Width:  12″