Please carefully read our VetScribe™ Engraver Agreement.

Please fill out the agreement, scan and email to VetScribe™ Solutions at [email protected] or fax to us at :  800-782-9220 and you’re ready to start choosing tags.

pet tags vets

If you agree to buy 600 VetScribe™ tags at the time of the order, we’ll provide the engraving system absolutely free.

Our standard tags cost $3.50 each and are anodized aluminum. Premium chrome tags are $4.40 each and specialty tags are $4.95 and up. Tags are packaged in quantities of 5 or 25, and you can mix and match styles to best meet your needs.

We provide unlimited maintenance for normal wear-and-tear, along with technical support at no additional cost for as long as you use our engraver. We also provide the diamond-tipped stylus free, as long as you purchase the aforementioned 600 tags per year. Included in the placement program:

  • VetScribe™ engraver with power cords and compact keyboard
  • State-of-the-art engraving software
  • Diamond-tipped engraving stylus
  • Tag fixture designed to hold our standard tag styles
  • Easy to use instruction manual with tag templates
  • Professional and effective point-of-purchase materials