What is VetScribe™

VetScribe™ is a compact, instantaneous, self-contained computerized engraving system. Owners may select from a choice of durable tags in a variety of colors and shapes. We’ve eliminated the need for multiple tags by making it easy to engrave both sides.  With the VetScribe™ pet identification system, you can provide peace of mind to your patients’ owners while helping grow your practice.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced full service, easy to use, in shelter and vet clinic engraving programs, the widest variety of high quality I.D. tags and accessories, along with a dedicated staff of account managers and customer service support to help our partners serve their customers’ identification needs.

VetScribe™ pet tag engraving machines can accommodate a variety of tag sizes and shapes in various finishes and materials. Our pet tag engraving systems allow pet tags to be printed on large and small tags. Our pet tags can be engraved on both sides, which enables the pets name on the front, and contact phone numbers or other pet information on the back of the tag.

pet tag engraving machine
pet tag engraving machines

Benefits You Can Identify With

  • Profitable: realize a high profit margin from a small space
  • Traffic Builder: unique product attracts new customers
  • No Expense: VetScribe™ provides the machine, maintenance & upgrades at no cost
  • Minimal Labor: VetScribe™ takes only minutes to learn and operate
  • Customer Service: trained representatives are just a phone call away
  • Instant Gratification: customer received high-quality tag(s) instantly
  • Fast & Easy: Engraves Rabies Tags in under a minute with the touch of a button
  • Extra Space: The back of the tags may be engraved with the pet’s name and personal information in addition to the rabies info on the front.

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